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Who We Are | Care-A-Lot

Who We Are

Care-A-Lot- Incorporated was founded by a group of individuals who have a heart for people that love to give back to communities. The foundation of the organization was built on the scripture Matthew 25:42-45. The founders of Care-A-Lot believe in helping people from all walks of life, all ethnicities and of all ages.  Some caring acts that the founders have shared with others are below.

One Sunday afternoon when Letoria, Executive Director of Care-A-Lot and Raquel one of our Program Coordinators decided to walk into a local grocery store with one thought in mind, which was to help a family. They walked around the store for thirty minutes looking for the right family to bless. They watched as one family carefully selected which items they would buy and when it was time for them to check out Letoria and Raquel waited until the family was ready to pay, then they walked up to them and offered to pay their bill. The act of giving was a gesture they wanted to continue to share because they simply had a heart to help others. This small act of kindness was years ago and many acts of care followed thereafter.

One day April the Director of Care-A-Lot Kids and Teens was in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant, upon ordering her food and exiting the parking lot she noticed a homeless man sitting on the curb. She immediately asked the driver of the car to pull over so that she can give the man the food she just purchased. This act of kindness is just one of the many gestures that April has bestowed upon someone in need.

One afternoon Paula one of Care-A-Lot Program Directors was walking out of a local store and noticed a homeless man standing outside, she decided to buy him lunch and offer him words of encouragement. She has a sincere heart for people and believes in pulling people out of their situation through ministry. She has done many acts of kindness throughout her community such as tutoring and mentoring children. Paula has a heart for people from all walks of life and for her community.

Tavarres the Assistant Director of Care-A-Lot Kids and Teens is a man who has a heart that keeps on giving. He is actively involved in his community through couching youth football, and planning outing for kids and teens throughout the community. He does not think twice to help someone in need with gestures ranging from paying for someone’s gas to paying someone’s monthly rent, Tavarres’ hands are always open to people in need.

These caring acts are what founded Care-A-Lot Incorporated. We all have a heart and mind to help others that are in need throughout communities. It is our vision to become an international movement, spreading love with open hands and open hearts. We hope that you join us in our journey by sharing 1 million acts of care around the world.